Give them freedom to follow their dreams.

Change the course of a life forever. With your donation or by volunteering, you can transform the lives of children and adults around the world.

Today, you can change the course of their lives forever.

All over the world, children and adults suffer physically and emotionally from various conditions which can be treated surgically such as clefts, burns,  and gynecological and urological problems. With cleft lips and palates, they suffer from malnourishment, chronic ear infections, hearing loss, as well as speech, dental, and upper-respiratory problems.  People with burn scars often have severe physical deformities which interferes with their ability to function and perform basic tasks. Many are unable to work. They often experience emotional trauma from being mocked or outcasted by their peers and families and develop  issues of low self esteem and isolation. By donating to our cause or volunteering in a mission, you can help restore their function and give them the freedom to live productive and happy lives.  

About Surgical Volunteers International

Surgical Volunteers International is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with three main objectives 

1) We want to develop lasting partnerships in underserved countries to provide free, life-changing surgery to people in need, with an emphasis on children. Our team consists of medical professionals and non-medical volunteers from around the world with the goal of restoring functionality and providing a higher quality of life to those we serve.

2) We seek to empower the medical professionals in the host countries by providing them with education, training, and material resources such as supplies and needed equipment. 

3) We strive to be a resource for  the local community through wellness and preventive care clinics and educational programs.  We also contribute to local orphanages through Operation Backpack- a program which provides backpacks and school supplies for the children.

Surgical Volunteers International pride ourselves on being a grassroots organization where your donations go directly to the people we serve.  We have an all volunteer board and team members. On surgical missions, our volunteers not only gift their time and talents, but also pay for their own flights, maximizing the value of your contributions.

Transformed Over

2500 Lives

in countries all over the world, including Egypt, Vietnam, Guatemala, Colombia, Morocco, and India.

Preah Vihear,



Cambodia Mission Highlights

Our Current Mission

Due to current outbreak of Coronavirus, the Upcoming Mission has been postponed.
Stay tuned for updates.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Our upcoming mission involves burn reconstruction in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.  We hope to treat at least 50 children and adults with debilitating burn scar contracture deformitites to help them regain normal function and movement.   Our goal is to improve their quality of life so that they can continue to support their communities and achieve their own personal goals.

General Donation

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Mission Moments

Touched by the lives we transform.
Ho Chi Minh City,
Preah Vihear,
Preah Vihear,
Preah Vihear,

Our Great Volunteers

Some of the people that make it all possible.
Azita Madjidi
Azita MadjidiPlastic Surgeon
Christina Seeburger
Christina SeeburgerAnesthesiologist
Sabina Siddiqui
Sabina SiddiquiPediatric Surgeon
Tracey Ryersee
Tracey RyerseeRegistered Nurse
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Tom Flood
Founder of Surgical Volunteers International

The one thing that stands out about Tom Flood is his extraordinarily generous and caring nature. In the 12 years since the formation of Surgical Volunteers International, Mr. Flood was able to bring highly skilled surgical care to over 2500 people who would not otherwise have received it, improving their quality of life and productivity. He possessed the deftness to unite volunteers of varying skill sets, from anesthesiologists to surgeons to nurses from all over the world, with the common goal of providing quality compassionate care to the poor. He worked hand in hand with the local health providers in over 10 countries, striving to improve their skills and providing them with education and material resources. His passion for his work stoked the flames of charity and spirit of mission work in others. As he enters retirement, Mr. Flood leaves behind a legacy of compassion and humanitarian ideals that Surgical Volunteers International is proud to continue.

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